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#200 - 801 York Mills Rd.
Toronto, ON
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Hanson Academy


Welcome to Hanson Academy in Toronto. Hanson Academy is a ministry inspected school located in North York of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We works closely with proressionals and experienced advisors and agents to provide the best service to our students.

Our mission is to evolve the educational pathway of future citizens of this planet.

Our Vission is to provide high quality and cetified services to students and parents.

Hanson Academy is an inspected school offering Ontario secondary school credit and diploma

School Programs
Our part-time and full-time programs are suitable for students with big goals and ambition

Team Work
Our professional team of educations and teachers will work closely with students and parents to ensure the success of students

Our tuition fee structure and payment options allow students to become part of family with any financial background

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#200 - 801 York Mills Rd., Toronto, ON, Canada M3B 1X7