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Student Photography Day
Source: Hanson News    Editor: Admin     Time: 2023-02-23    View: 395
November 2023 was a special month for our students. Some are new to the country and some are graduating this year. Everyone was happy. We had a full day in our dorm hotel residence and spent lots of time in the facilities of the hotel such as the gym, tennis court, swimming pool, restaurant, and park inside the hotel area. We took lots of pictures and shared some of them on our website. But more importantly, we created a great memory for our staff and students. Then we came back to our campus and had dinner.

Part of education, especially for younger teenagers, is making a memory. Students will always remember the fun memories from school and their school friends. We are planning to have more photography days with our students in spring 2023. So stay tuned and follow us on social media. 

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