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Grand Opening
Source: Hanson News    Editor: Admin     Time: 2023-02-22    View: 405
What an amazing day! We celebrated our new journey with old friends, colleagues, and former graduates and alumni. On this day, September 1st, 2022, Hanson Academy is officially back on the education board in Ontario. After Covid restrictions and limitations for our school and students, we are officially back.

In our grand opening evening, we had the privilege of hosting many people. The MPP of Ontario was our special online guest who delivered the opening message of our evening. We were also hosting our music band, and dance performing group which both had an amazing performances.?
Our evening continued by briefly introducing our staff and teachers and also our amazing alumni and graduates. We celebrated our day by cutting a cake and nice dinner with our guests.
We believe that supporting our community should always be our priority. Helping students and families are our main goal. Once we received a warm welcome from our community, we get more energy to carry on our mission. Our mission is to help students and families and to deliver high-quality education.? 

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